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In a world where the consumer is faced with a multitude of alternatives to choose goods and services, the brand can have a major impact on the purchase decision. The beliefs, attitudes, and associations that the consumer makes in his mind about the chosen good or service cannot be imitated. Therefore, more and more companies of any kind have come to the conclusion that the brand aspects that are associated with their goods or services are the most valuable components that they possess. The branding and brand management course aims to bring more useful information from the world of branding, advertising and PR, to second year students, specialization in advertising, who have already covered a number of fundamental disciplines of public relations and advertising.

We aim to outline an overview of the branding industry, by exposing and combining theoretical notions with examples of good practice (or less good - because they also teach us lessons) in the field of branding. The debates during the course and seminar will be completed by the compulsory bibliography that the students will go through in order to take the exam. At the same time, we intend to invite specialists in the field during classes and / or seminars, who can share their experience with students. Brand capital management, brand building, promotion, rebranding and applicability are just some of the topics that will be covered. We also aim to make this course as practical and accessible as possible. The way of carrying out the activity is exposed in point II of this material.