The Social Psychology class invites you to explore the fascinating world of psychology, to answer questions related to the social self, social perception, stereotyping and discrimination, close relationships and attraction, attitudes and persuasion. You will have the chance to acquire basic knowledge and skills in social psychology that are useful for a better understanding of advertising and PR. 

This class introduces students to the fascinating world of social psychology. We rely on students' curiosity and responsibility in reading the course content, in asking questions, in researching topics related to social psychology, discussing with their colleagues based on the readings and making connections between psychology, advertising, PR and other areas of interests for them. 

The course introduces students in the fascinating world of social psychology. We rely on your curiosity and responsibility for asking questions, researching topics related to social psychology, discussing with the collegues based on your readings and making connections between diferent areas of the social sciences. 

Cursul de Publicitate și studii culturale.