This course will offer students an insight on international media landscapes. The students will get familiar with media system typologies, private versus public media outlets; the gatekeeping theory; the four theories of the press and so on

The Social Psychology class invites you to explore the fascinating world of psychology, to answer questions related to the social self, social perception, stereotyping and discrimination, close relationships and attraction, attitudes and persuasion. You will have the chance to acquire basic knowledge and skills in social psychology that are useful for a better understanding of advertising and PR. 

During this course, participants will engage in a comprehensive exploration that integrates theoretical foundations with practical applications. The primary objective is to cultivate competencies requisite for conceptualizing, orchestrating, and realizing successful events . Throughout the course, learners will be afforded opportunities to contextualize acquired knowledge within authentic settings. Whether operating individually or collaboratively, students will undertake the conceptualization, planning, and execution of events. These experiential initiatives serve as conduits for translating theoretical constructs into tangible practice, thereby refining event management. Facilitated by instructional guidance and evaluative feedback, participants will navigate the complexities inherent in event execution, thereby fortifying their proficiency in events industry.

Planning an event_2023_Master_ENG.pdfPlanning an event_2023_Master_ENG.pdf

Stages in planning and organizing an event