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Main Topics:

1. Choosing a research topic

2. Literature Review 

3. Methodology

4. Data Analysis

AGRSTI_Statistical methods for the social sciences.pdfAGRSTI_Statistical methods for the social sciences.pdfKUMAR_Research methodology.pdfKUMAR_Research methodology.pdfResearch syllabus.pdfResearch syllabus.pdf

Program Evaluation and program management: design, methodologies, instruments.

Evaluation and Project Management Syllabus.pdfEvaluation and Project Management Syllabus.pdfRaluca Antonie_PROGRAM EVALUATION.pdfRaluca Antonie_PROGRAM EVALUATION.pdf

The general objectives of the course are: (1) Understanding and using the comparative approach as a research method in public administration, (2) Understanding the specific characteristics of the public sector, (3) Understanding the interactions between various institutions from the public sector and between them and the private or not-for-profit sector in order to solve the needs of human communities, (4) Improve analytical and communicational skills.

Governance for a Better Quality of Life is focused on methodological toolkit, assessment systems and applications of Quality of Life measurement.

Fisa disciplinei Governance for a Better Quality of Life (EN).pdfFisa disciplinei Governance for a Better Quality of Life (EN).pdfGovernance and quality of life in smart cities.pdfGovernance and quality of life in smart cities.pdfQoL assessment - development-of-the-world-health-organization.pdfQoL assessment - development-of-the-world-health-organization.pdf

Applied Research